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Some services have an option to send notifications by email, so we need to install a simple sendmail emulator which could forward messages to relay mail host.

For example, sendmail could be used to notify you about failed drive in RAID array via google mail.



Login over SSH.

Install msmtp sendmail-like MTA:

opkg install msmtp
nano /opt/etc/msmtprc
account        gmail
port           587
from           {account}
user           {account}
auth           on
password       {secret}
domain         {host}
syslog         LOG_MAIL
tls            on
tls_trust_file /opt/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

account default : gmail


You should have your regular email account, for example

So you could test and send email to yourself from your LibreELEC:

echo test | sendmail

You should get an email after running code below.


If you did not get an email you could try to debug issue (add -v):

echo test | sendmail -v

For google mail here are some well known issues (make sure you are logged out from your personal account and logged in with your account designated to be used on LibreELEC):


Now you could use sendmail in various custom scripts to notify yourself over email.

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  1. Dear Artem, thank you for your great article! I use “LibreELEC (official) – Version: 8.0.2” but there is no sendmail installed by default. As well I cannot find sendmail, mail oder mailx in opkg package list. Maybe you can help me?

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